Potasssim And Sodium Remarkable Minerals}

Submitted by: Helen Thomas

Today you cannot afford not to know the information this article has for you. It is a matter of life and death. Taking the proper minerals and knowing why is a must for vitality. Cancer cells are found to die in potassium solutions. Potassium improves blood circulation.

Excessive salt intake create a loss of potassium reserves. Lung disease and chest infections are improved by taking high doses of calcium, potassium and sodium. Olives are one of the highest food in potassium and can help nourish the nerves, brain and heart. Potassium is the mineral spark plug that enhances the entire body’s’ cellular healing.

Raw food dishes with foods high in potassium are best. Potassium plus phosphorous are a winning combination of minerals that get oxygen to the brain and increase mental functioning. Low levels of potassium can cause irritability.

Potassium is a mineral that should be included in any detox program. The heart uses potassium to keep its muscle strong and in combination with iron brings oxygen to the heart and helps circulate clean ,rich, blood to the rest of the body.


The foods highest in potassium are dandelion greens, almonds, raisin, collard, black currants, potato, radish, peas, barley, dates and figs.

Sodium is a strong ingredient in producing a healthy lymphatic system. Sodium must be taken in its organic form such as sea salt. Sodium plays a role in curing lung diseases because it helps remove carbon dioxide from the lungs.

Liquid minerals combined with vitamin nutrients are the antidote to the world of the busy. Sodium helps balance magnesium. The main influence sodium has in the body is preventing hardening of the arteries.

You are your own best friend. You can chose to allow knowledge to empower you to heal thyself and thrive. Sodium levels are responsible for the production of saliva which is the first step in digestive enzyme action Skin, hair and eyes are dependent upon the mineral sodium for beauty, clarity and brilliance.

Don’t put your lamp under the table shine with your natural power and understand how to consciously chose how to fuel your body intelligently.

Carbohydrates need sodium to process the dreaded good and bad carbohydrate.

These are a list of sodium rich foods ,nuts like cashews, sesame seeds, kumquat, prunes, brusell sprouts, honeydew melon, mango, wheat bran, artichoke , chickpea, cauliflower, onion, coconut, beetroot, garlic and cabbage. Lower levels of sodium but still high in sodium foods are cucumbers, rice, endive, red bean, and cayenne.

Making it your business to understand that the blood needs sodium mineral and 16 other minerals makes it easy to understand it is time right now to act and make sure everyday you are consciously supplying your body with its needs and amazingly enough you will see your body give you what you want.

Cells are the building blocks of the tissue system. Blood quality determines the health of the cell. Every sixty days an entire bodies blood is completely renewed. The blood is dependent upon you. How healthy it will be is your choice. Will you get the minerals you need to take in a way that the body repairs and rebuilds to its true astonishing radiance? 2007 Copyright Dr.Helen Thomas D.C. B.A. All rights reserved in all countries

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