Danish Integration Minister’s car burned

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Copenhagen, Denmark – The Danish Integration Minister Rikke Hvilshøj’s car was set ablaze outside her family-home on the morning of Wednesday 8 June. From there, the fire spread to the family’s garage, and further on to the side of the house, damaging the roof above the kitchen and children’s room.

At the same time, an e-mail was sent to several media agencies, where a group calling themselves “Action Group Beate” claimed responsibility, saying it is a “protest against the racist immigrational laws of Denmark”. The police found the computer used for sending the mail within a few hours, and closed down the cybercafé whilst removing the computer.

Throughout the Danish political system politicians from both the ruling party and the opposition have expressed their outrage over the terrorism.

The insurance company is currently assessing the amount of damage done to the home, but so far they have made an estimate of £27.000, just for the house damages.

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Australian Defence Department funds controversial development training

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Australia’s Department of Defence spent thousands of dollars on controversial development seminars, Australian media reported Wednesday. The seminars are run by a San Francisco, California-based training company called Landmark Education. The company evolved from Erhard Seminars Training “est”, and has faced criticism regarding its techniques and its use of unpaid labor.

Australia’s Defence Minister Warren Snowdon said that the government is in the process of reviewing Defence Department expenditures on career development. “We’re in the process now of doing an audit, completely unrelated with anything to do with Landmark, which is being undertaken into learning and development to make sure that they meet our needs. … We have to be very sure that the courses that people do undertake are relevant, appropriate and indeed in line with what community expectations might be,” said Snowdon in an appearance on ABC Radio.

We’re in the process now of doing an audit, completely unrelated with anything to do with Landmark, which is being undertaken into learning and development to make sure that they meet our needs.

The Australian and Australia’s ABC News reported that Landmark Education had been listed in France as a “possible cult” in the mid 1990s. When asked about this on ABC Radio, a spokeswoman for the company in the United States, Deborah Beroset, responded: “What happened in France was that a commission established by the French parliament issued a report in which they listed almost 200 organisations as being possible cults … We were never contacted. We were inappropriately included in that list”.

In a program which aired Wednesday, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio program AM reported that Australia’s Defence Department spent at least AUD12,270 of taxpayer funds to send government employees to Landmark Education courses. According to AM, the Defence Department said it does not appear that further funds have been sent to Landmark Education since 2004.

In a statement released by the Defence Department, the government stated: “A search of Defence records does not indicate exactly how many individuals attended courses with this training provider, however it is believed it was a small number of individuals. … Defence has been unable to determine individual reasons for why groups within Defence choose this training provider.”

AM also reported that the use of unpaid labor by Landmark Education “has attracted the attention of the US and French governments,” and that some individuals in the mental health field have accused the company of brainwashing. When asked about the allegations by mental health experts that Landmark Education’s techniques amounted to brainwashing, Deborah Beroset responded: “Well, there is absolutely no credence to that whatsoever.”

Decisions on the appropriateness of staff attending courses by Landmark Education are made by individual managers who remain best-placed to assess the development needs of their staff.

In a March 9 article in the Herald Sun, Peter Rolfe reported that taxpayer money was used to send at least 37 police and government staff from Victoria, Australia to seminars run by Landmark Education. Police and Emergency Services Minister Bob Cameron said that “Decisions on the appropriateness of staff attending courses by Landmark Education are made by individual managers who remain best-placed to assess the development needs of their staff,” but State Liberal MP Murray Thompson told the Herald Sun that the funds should have been put towards fighting crime. Apple Inc., Reebok, and Mercedes-Benz have sent employees to Landmark Education seminars, according to a spokeswoman for Landmark.

In October 2006, Landmark Education took legal action against Google, YouTube, the Internet Archive, and a website owner in Queensland, Australia in attempts to remove criticism of its products from the Internet. The company sought a subpoena under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in an attempt to discover the identity of an anonymous critic who uploaded a 2004 French documentary of the Landmark Forum to the Internet. “Voyage au pays des nouveaux gourous” (Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus) was produced by Pièces à Conviction, a French investigative journalism news program. The Electronic Frontier Foundation represented the anonymous critic and the Internet Archive, and Landmark withdrew its subpoena in November 2006 in exchange for a promise from the anonymous critic not to repost the video.

Landmark Education is descended from Erhard Seminars Training, also called “est”, which was founded by Werner Erhard. est began in 1971, and Erhard’s company Werner Erhard and Associates repackaged the course as “The Forum” in 1985. Associates of Erhard bought the license to his “technology” and incorporated Landmark Education in California in 1991.

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How To Get A Car Loan, Bad Credit Considered

By Benjamin Robert Ehinger

What to Know About Getting a Car Loan, Bad Credit Does Not Matter

When you need a car loan, bad credit pending you need to know how to get the right loan without any issue. Credit is something that holds many people back, but it does not have to. You can get a car loan, bad credit approved without any issue and you can do this right online. There are many lenders that can help you with online bad credit car loans.

Are you in need of a vehicle and you need to get it fast? Do you need to get a car loan, but you know you have bad credit? Car loan, bad credit not a big deal, type of lenders are all over the place. You can get your loan regardless of your credit by following these steps.

How to Find a Car Loan, Bad Credit Approved Online

YouTube Preview Image

First, if you know that you have multiple repossessions and absolutely horrible credit you need to go ahead and hit up that buy here, pay here lot you were thinking about going to. Just make sure you get some sort of warranty and they will report to your credit for you. Also, get the vehicle checked out by a mechanic before you purchase it and not their mechanic.

Second, you can get online to get your car loan, bad credit approved. There are plenty of places you can go online to get your loan. These include My Auto Loan, Road Loans, Bar None, and a handful of others that are more local to certain areas. Just be honest with them and they will work with you as best they possibly can.

Third, if you have been banking at the same place for many years and you hold any type of retirement account or investment with them that has some value, then they will probably be willing to loan you money against it and the vehicle. This is about the only way a bank will do a car loan, bad credit not an issue, for anybody.

A Few Tips for Getting a Car Loan, Bad Credit Considered and Approved

When you have bad credit one of the things that can really help you with getting the right car loan is having a nice amount to put down. If you can put down at least $1,000 you can usually get a car loan for a used car or a new car. Since the economy is not as good as it used to be it is easier to get a car loan with bad credit.

Bad credit does not have to stop you and if you can afford the payment you can get approved. This is very easy to prove if you work a job and you just need a couple of current pay stubs to help you prove your income. Something else to know is that if you have any extra income you need to find a way to prove this as well.

Getting a loan for a vehicle when you have bad credit is not as hard as it used to be. You do need to make sure you can afford the payments and it is a good idea to have an emergency fund for repairs and even a third party warranty if you can get one for the vehicle you are after. This will help to protect your vehicle when you get a car loan, bad credit approved.

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US Treasury unveils new $100 note

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The United States Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing unveiled a new United States one hundred-dollar bill Wednesday morning. This is the first time that the one hundred dollar note has been redesigned since 1996.

Until now the one hundred dollar note, along with the one and two dollar notes, was not part of the newest batch of dollar note redesigns. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing redesigned the series 2006 5, 10, 20, and 50 dollar notes previously.

The new one hundred dollar note will contain new security and design features. Along with a new stylized portrait of Benjamin Franklin, the note also features a quill pen and inkwell on the obverse. On the reverse it has a new larger printed ‘100’ in gold lettering. The new security features include a EURion constellation, a new more secure watermark, and a new feature called ‘motion’ which uses 650,000 micro lenses to create a moving image.

The note was originally slated for release in 2008 although budget constraints pushed the release date back to late 2009 or early to mid 2010. The note will go into general circulation by early 2011.

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Planning An Overseas Trip? Get An Airport Limousine Service}

Submitted by: German Dymovski

Limousines are typically connected with overwhelming authority and wealth as they are considered the most costly way of automotive travel on land surface. They are often recommended in the time of memorable events; typical ones are marriage ceremony, high school prom, and memorials; also in flight terminal transport. They’re traditionally possessed and made use by political figures, by professionals, by broadcasters to transfer guests, or by prosperous and well-known people today in the community.

Seeking for reputable and reliable flight terminal vehicles is often a difficult thing to do among the tourists. Finding the right method of travel service that suits your demand is quite difficult; although finding vehicles options might be quick. Most limousine local rental companies tried to eliminate this problem by providing their clients with high-class flight terminal limousine professional services.

YouTube Preview Image

Flight terminal limousine professional service is one of the numerous limousine expert services offered to flight travelers with ease and elegance. This service will provide you with a door-to-door service from your home, work, or any place to and from the flight terminal. This helps you stay away from the troubles and worries those other kinds of commuting offer. You will then enjoy respectful, professional, and high-class ride with their well-trained and professional drivers. In fact, limo drivers will assure you that your leased limo will lift you up on right time. In the instance of flight delays, the limo chauffeurs are always willing to check you and will be available to communicate with when required. You will soon give them a call if you will encounter issues like missed connecting or postponed flight journey.

This specific service gives airplane travelers with convenience since you will not worry anymore to wait for an airport car or shuttle and carry your travel luggage around the flight terminal area. Leasing a limo from your trustworthy service provider prevents you from thinking about the parking costs, flight terminal directions, finding for the car parking areas around the air-port, as well as other challenges when you drive to the airport. Limo booking service businesses will offer you conventional four doors, shared journey, and other varieties of service for flight terminal transfers at many airlines where ever you may be in the world. They can arrange airport travel services for pickups or drop offs via traveling vans, expand limousines, shuttle bus, limousine shuttle and much more. They have the very best services to meet the request and needs of their purchasers. Additionally they promise to present you with a safe, hassle-free, and affordable ground travelling considering client satisfaction as the factor in their success in this industry.

When it comes to limousine rentals, the costs depend on the car that you have preferred, how long you’re planning to rent the limo, where you live, and the special event with which you wish to make use of the vehicle. These charges might also be different depends upon the time of the year of limousine rental booking. For this reason, providers that offer limousine local rental services recommend vacation goers to plan their booking way early in advance. This is to avoid any unwanted or added costs. Then again, some companies may give you a choice in which you may only pay for the transportation both to and from your destination.

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‘Astonishing’ figures show 800 Scottish NHS staff earning over £140,000

Sunday, November 28, 2010

In tough financial times we need to make sure that our focus is on patient care and every penny is spent in the most efficient way.

Over 800 National Health Service staff in Scotland are earning more than £140,000 each year—more than First Minister Alex Salmond. New figures also reveal that 3,000 NHS workers are earning over £100,000. One NHS board alone, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, employs 893 staff earning more than £100,000, and 181 being paid over £140,000.

Jackie Baillie, health spokeswoman for the Labour Party, which uncovered the figures, said they were “astonishing”, and urged health boards to examine if savings can be made by reducing salaries of top earners. “This is a far better option than cutting frontline staff like nurses and midwives. In tough financial times we need to make sure that our focus is on patient care and every penny is spent in the most efficient way.” She further said: “In the current economic climate, it is impossible to justify huge salaries for consultants and senior executives when health boards are planning 4000 job losses this year, including 1500 nurses and midwives.”

Britain’s largest health service industrial union, Unison, questioned the amount of money the NHS was paying. A spokesperson said: “Unison doesn’t begrudge anybody the rate of pay for the job but obviously our membership will be concerned that while they are to face a pay freeze and people delivering frontline services are losing their jobs, there is a cohort of folk who appear to earn more than the most senior politician in the land.”

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Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Journalist, counselor, painter, and US 2012 Presidential candidate Joe Schriner of Cleveland, Ohio took some time to discuss his campaign with Wikinews in an interview.

Schriner previously ran for president in 2000, 2004, and 2008, but failed to gain much traction in the races. He announced his candidacy for the 2012 race immediately following the 2008 election. Schriner refers to himself as the “Average Joe” candidate, and advocates a pro-life and pro-environmentalist platform. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, and has published public policy papers exploring solutions to American issues.

Wikinews reporter William Saturn? talks with Schriner and discusses his campaign.

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Alex Sanchez suspended for drugs

Sunday, April 3, 200528 year old Alex Sanchez, outfielder for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, is suspended without pay for 10 days for using a performance enhancing drug. Sanchez is the first player to be suspended under Major League Baseball’s new, stricter drug policy.

The Baseball officials and the players’ union have both decided to not disclose the specific substance which tested positive.

Sanchez originally planed an appeal against the ban, but decided against it. He denies taking any performance enhancing drugs and blames the positive test on over-the-counter vitamins, muscle relaxants and protein shakes that he takes, but has not identified any specific medications as of yet.

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How Hiring Professional Technical Support Professionals Can Benefit Your Business


If working a regular 9 to 5 job just isn’t for you, starting a small business is a great alternative. While a lot of hard work goes into making a business successful, you will be able to have more freedom when working for yourself. One of the main things you need to focus on when starting out in the world of small business is putting a team in place.

Your new team will need the right technology tools to stay competitive. In most cases, hiring technical support in Dallas professionals is needed. Hiring these tech professionals is beneficial for your business and here are some of the reasons why.

Keeping the Line of Communication Open

Having a functional computer network is about much more than checking Facebook or sending an email. Many businesses use the internet to stay in contact with customers regardless of what time of day it is. If your computer network crashes, these lines of communication will be closed.

This can lead to customers getting angry and may even lead to you losing business. Keeping the lines of communication open is easy when allowing technical support in Dallas professionals help you out. Regardless of what issues your network has, IT professionals will be able to diagnose and fix it quickly.

Optimizing The Network’s Functionality

Dealing with slow download speeds, pop-ups and unstable internet connections while trying to do business can be problematic. Instead of offering up a sub-par network to your team, you can let technical support professionals help you optimize it.

They will be able to implement the latest technology solutions when increasing the functionality of your network. The investment in this kind of support will pay off when workers are able to increase their productivity levels. Neglecting to use an IT professional for this type of work may lead to the competition blowing past you.


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