Important Factors Effecting Your Insurance In Austin

byAlma Abell

Have you ever found yourself in an auto accident? Accidents happen out of nowhere and can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. This is precisely why you need auto Insurance in Austin. Insurance is there to cover you, your passengers, your vehicle, and other vehicles involved in an accident. With so many different types of coverage available, it’s up to drivers to pick the best and most affordable one. Let’s take a look at the different factors that’ll play a part in your decision.

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Age. Your age isn’t something you can have too much effect on. Insurance companies tend to group drivers into specific age groups. On average, younger drivers tend to see some of the highest car insurance rates. Why? Car insurance companies see younger drivers as more of a risk than older drivers. Statistics have shown that drivers between the ages of 16 and 25 tend to get into more accidents than older drivers. Older drivers tend to be much more cautious while on the road, and therefore are less likely to get into accidents.

Gender. Whether a man or woman can play a major part in the price of your Car Insurance Quote. In this case, it’s the men who tend to see the most expensive rates compared to women. Why? Insurance companies don’t think that men are necessarily more careless drivers than women. However, statistics have shown that men tend to be more aggressive while on the road. Aggressive drivers are much more likely to get into some type of accident. Needless to say, if you’re a male under the age of 25, you’ll likely see the highest premiums around.

Vehicle. Now, we’ve finally arrive at something that you will be able to control when it comes to Insurance in Austin. The vehicle you drive is a huge indicator for many insurance companies. Insurers will take into account the type of vehicle you own. They’ll look at the model, age, features, and condition of the vehicle. If you’re planning on getting lower rates, you should stay away from flashy sports cars. These cars are seen as a risk and tend to bring higher premiums along with them. Consider a safer and more economical vehicle with a number of safety features. Vehicles like this are seen as less risky by most insurance companies.

How the Army Corps of Engineers closed one New Orleans breach

Friday, September 9, 2005

New Orleans, Louisiana —After Category 4 storm Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans, on the night before August 29, 2005, several flood control constructions failed. Much of the city flooded through the openings. One of these was the flood wall forming one side of the 17th Street Canal, near Lake Pontchartrain. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is the primary agency for engineering support during such emergencies. A USACE team was assessing the situation in New Orleans on the 29th, water flow was stopped September 2nd, and the breach was closed on September 5th.

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Fifty killed in commuter plane crash in Clarence Center, New York

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Continental Connection flight from Newark to Buffalo crashed into a house about four to six miles from Buffalo Niagara International Airport on Thursday night, killing 50 people, officials said.

Continental Airlines Flight 3407 is a daily commuter flight from Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey to Buffalo, New York, operated under the Continental Connection brand by Virginia-based regional airline Colgan Air.

The Buffalo News has reported that the plane, a Bombardier Dash 8 turboprop with tail number N200WQ has crashed into a home located at 6038 Long Street, not far from the Clarence Center Fire Hall in the Buffalo suburb of Clarence Center approximately 10:17 p.m. EST (03:20 UTC), Thursday, February 12, 2009. Three people were inside the house.

According to Becky Gibbons of New York State Police and Chris Collins County Executive in Erie County, New York, the total number of fatalities is 50, including 45 passengers, four crew members and a person on the ground, while a woman and daughter on the ground were injured, near the edge of farmland, about seven miles from Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

Karen Wielinski, age 57, and her daughter, Jill, age 22 were brought to Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital in Williamsville where they are in stable condition in the emergency room. The father, Douglas C. Wielinski, 61 died from his injuries. Two volunteer firefighters are also being treated for smoke inhalation and minor injuries. They are expected to be released later Friday morning.

The crew member names have been released as of 8:20 AM EST, and are listed as: Captain Marvin Renslow, First Officer Rebecca Shaw, Flight Attendant Matilda Quintero, Flight Attendant Donna Prisco, and Captain Joseph Zuffoletto who was an off-duty crew member.

One of the crash victims, Beverly Eckert, of Stamford, Connecticut and widow of 9/11 terror attack victim, Buffalo native, Sean Rooney, was coming home for her husband’s 58th birthday celebration. Her sister, Sue Bourque noted to The Buffalo News, “We know she was on that plane and now she’s with him.” Chris Kausner has said his sister Elise, age 24, a law student, was on board the plane. “I’m thinking about the fact that my mother has to fly home from Florida and what I’m going to tell my two sons,” he said.

The plane, which was carrying over 2.5 tonnes (5,000 pounds) of fuel, impacted a residence that was completely destroyed. Amid rain and sleet, the ill-fated plane exploded into a huge orange fireball, sparking a large fire which emergency crews had to contain. Twelve houses near the crash site were evacuated.

The aircraft in question was on approach to land at the nearby Buffalo Niagara International Airport when it disappeared from radar.

It sounded quite loud, and then the sound stopped. Then one or two seconds later, there was a thunderous explosion. The whole sky was lit up orange.

According to recordings from air traffic control, the pilot did not report any problem to approach control, and could not be contacted by the Buffalo tower after handoff. “Can other planes see anything?” asked the traffic controller, but no one has responded. The pilot’s last comment was “Colgan Flight 3407,” but there were no sounds of distress.

The Buffalo News has reported that crew members aboard the flight from Newark Airport reported mechanical problems as they approached Buffalo. Weather conditions were reported to be a wintry mix in the area, with light snow, fog, and 17 mile per hour winds.

In the 31-minute audio-recording there are conversations between the cockpit, air traffic control and other aircraft in the vicinity. Following take-off from Newark Airport, a female voice (pilot) in the 3407 plane’s cockpit is heard informing air authorities that her aircraft was turning on approach to landing. The pilot stopped communicating at 2,300ft.

“This aircraft was 5 miles out, all of a sudden we have no response from that aircraft,” the controller declares. 21 minutes and 45 seconds into the recording, the control tower informs a JetBlue Airlines: “…apparently we have an emergency, I’ll have to get back to you,” reported The Daily Telegraph.

We know she was on that plane and now she’s with him.

“It was cold, snowing and dark but these planes are designed to fly in icy conditions. However, those conditions can be very fickle and if ice builds up on a plane it can be very difficult. At this time of year, when a pilot crashes approaching an airport that they will know well, the first thing you look at is the weather,” said David Learmount, of Flight International.

Continental Airlines Inc. said Colgan Air was in the process of collecting information. “Continental extends its deepest sympathy to the family members and loved ones of those involved in this accident. We are providing our full assistance to Colgan Air so that together we can provide as much support as possible for all concerned,” said Larry Kellner, CEO of Continental Airlines since December 2004.

The Bombardier Dash 8 a 74-seat is a twin-engined, medium range, turboprop airliner.

According to the Ascend Online Fleets database, Colgan, a company of about 1,100 employees has a fleet of 15 Bombardier Dash 8’s, along with 3 Hawker Beechcraft 1900D and 38 Saab 340B turboprops. Flight 3407’s airplane was less than one year old and had flown for only about 1,500 hours, said Kieran Daly, of the online aviation news service Air Transport Intelligence, saying that the doomed turboprop plane is one of the safest of its type.

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has permanently grounded its Dash 8s fleet after three crash landings during a two-month period in 2007 caused by faulty landing gear. “Confidence in the Q400 has diminished considerably and our customers are becoming increasingly doubtful about flying in this type of aircraft,” said Mats Jansson, SAS president and CEO. “I have decided to immediately remove Dash 8 Q400 aircraft from service,” he added.

“There is ‘no indication of any security related event’ that brought the plane down,” said FBI spokesman Richard Kolko. Conditions of freezing drizzle, known as hard rime, were the most likely cause of the tragedy.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has announced that they would send a team to the crash site on Friday to begin the investigation. Lorenda Ward will serve as chief investigator with the assistance of NTSB Commissioner Steven Chealander and public affairs officer Keith Holloway. Ward has investigated several other plane crashes — including the 2006 New York City plane crash that claimed the life of New York Yankees pitcher Corey Lidle.

“We are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic accident that occurred tonight in Clarence. Our focus right now is on supporting the first responders on the ground and their efforts to ensure the health and safety of people in the area,” said Chris Lee, an Republican politician from Corning, New York, representing the 26th Congressional District of New York.

The tragedy is the nation’s deadliest disaster since the Comair Flight 191 crashed in Lexington, Kentucky in August 2006. Delta Air Lines Flight 5191 was a scheduled U.S. domestic passenger flight from Lexington, Kentucky, to Atlanta, Georgia. On the morning of August 27, 2006, the Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet 100ER that was being used for the flight crashed while attempting to take off from Blue Grass Airport in Fayette County, Kentucky, four miles (6 kilometers) west of the central business district of the City of Lexington.

Financially, Continental is faced with volatile fuel prices amid a slowdown from the weak economy. It has posted losses of $585 million for 2008.

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Half a million z?oty vanish from the bank account of Lech Wa??sa

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

According to Polish radio station, RMF FM, almost half a million Polish z?oty (almost US$ 235,000) vanished from the bank account of Lech Wa??sa, a former President of Poland and the original leader of Solidarno?? (Solidarity). The case is already under investigation by the public prosecutor in Gda?sk.

The radio station identified the suspect as a former employee of Millennium Bank and the son of a former co-worker of Wa??sa. The Prokuratura alleges that Micha? L. stole about 870,000 z?oty (about US$408,000) from two bank accounts, one of which belongs to Wa??sa. The bank has already returned all the money.

Lech Wa??sa downplayed the situation. “I have all the money I had. I can show you I haven’t lost even a grosz“, he said in a interview with RMF FM.

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2013 Srt Viper: Road Test

2013 SRT Viper: Road Test



For many autos, the track is a little bit worthless playground. For the Viper, and other super car of its ilk, the track is the only spot where they can really be on their own; many vehicles in this section can surpass the legal restrict on the highway in first gear. Getting anyplace near their limits is merely not achievable on public streets. For the Viper, which has always been a specific niche market car for a niche market, that\’s specially true.

New attributes include cruise control, four-stage stability control, launch control, two-mode adjustable suspension, plus the \”executive performance driver\’s office\”–the brand new, higher-quality interior. Sabelt seats, the same provider as Ferrari, offer custom seats to the Viper, and a huge variety of the interior\’s colors and resources are customized to the buyer\’s desire. The Dodge Dart instrument cluster was utilized here, but with customizations specific to the Viper.

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The 2013 Viper is the lightest Viper ever before, arriving 100 pounds lighter than the 2010 car. We\’ll have all of the official details and information for you soon, so keep tuned, and for the time being, check out all of our continuing live 2012 New York Auto Show coverage. The Vipers race history will be continued by the new SRT Viper GTS-R, and as they state, win on Sunday, sell on Monday. This will without doubt be the expectations of Chrylser for the all new Viper.

The GTS-R will be a non-street legal Viper, and will be supported by an SRT factory team in the Le Mans series. Racing has been a important part of the illustrious history of Viper not only with benefits on the track, but also in the ongoing development of the street cars C and our new 2013 SRT Viper cars are proof of those lessons learned, said Ralph Gilles, President and CEO of SRT.

Now, with a crazy 640 horsepower ranking from its 8.4-liter V-10 engine, the Viper develops on that background with an all-new concept: attaching in luxurious, control and comfort. Some of that control is required, some of it is non-reflex. We just ponder if, all together, it will be as amazing as the last when it\’s loosed on the track. With customizable Pirelli tires measuring 295/355 mm with distinctive compounds front-to-rear, it\’s prone to have fantastic mechanical grip.

There\’s very little and almost everything to talk about the 2013 new Viper. It has cues that stimulate ideas and thoughts about the first Viper, with comparable lines, some of the bulbous clumsiness, and softer areas too. But simultaneously, it has the size, the low-slung vitality, and the don\’t follow on me stance that all Vipers have had, especially the last generation, which finished in the 2010 model year. Talking about the launch of the new Viper, SRT head Ralph Gilles said of the improvement process, \”It\’s like being pregnant for almost twenty-four months.\” The wait for 2013 SRT Viper is eventually over. Immediately following a series of not-quite-the-real-thing leaks, such as video game footage, Hot Wheels cars, and SRT\’s own teasers, we currently have just seen the 2013 SRT Viper face-to-face at the 2012 New York Auto Show.

OEM Replacement LightsAltezza Tail Lights

More information about 2013 SRT Viper and aftermarket car parts including racing seats, steering wheel, rear view mirror and suspension etc., you can come to

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UK government loses personal information of 25 million people

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling announced to a shocked House of Commons today that two password-protected — but not encrypted — computer disks containing the entire Child Benefit database have been lost in transit between the offices of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in Washington, Tyne & Wear and the National Audit Office (NAO) in London, in what has been described as “one of the world’s biggest ID protection failures”.

The database contains details of all families in the UK who receive Child Benefit — all families with children up to 16 years of age, plus those with children up to 20 years old if they are in full-time education or training — estimated to contain 25 million individuals in 7.25 million families. Among other items of information, the database contains names, addresses, dates of birth, child benefit and National Insurance numbers, and where appropriate, bank or building society account details.

The discs were created by a junior official at the HMRC in response to a request for information by the NAO, and were sent unregistered and unrecorded on 18 October using the courier company TNT — which operates the HMRC’s internal mail system. When it was found that the discs had not arrived for audit at the NAO, a further copy of this data was made and sent — this time by registered mail — and this package did arrive. HMRC were not informed that the original discs had been lost until 8 November, and Darling himself was informed on 10 November.

The violation of data protection laws involved in the creation of the discs has led to strong attacks on the government’s competence to establish the proposed National Identity Register, when all UK residents will have an identity card. Conservative Shadow Chancellor George Osborne described the loss of data as “catastrophic” and said “They [the government] simply cannot be trusted with people’s personal information”.

The Chairman of HMRC, Paul Gray, has resigned over the affair, and critics are calling for Darling to do likewise.

This is the third data embarrassment for HMRC in recent weeks — earlier this month it was reported that the details of over 15,000 Standard Life customers had been put on disk, and then lost en route from HMRC in Newcastle to Standard Life in Edinburgh — and last month a laptop containing the data of 400 people with high-value ISAs was stolen from the boot of a car belonging to a HMRC official who had been carrying out a routine audit.

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US Airport evacuated in ‘liquid bomb’ scare

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The discovery of a suspect bottle of fluid in a passengers carry-on luggage has prompted the evacuation of Tri-State Airport, located near Huntington, West Virginia.

The bottle was identified by a security screener as a woman passenger attempted to board a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina. Since the discovery of an alleged plot to destroy US flights departing from British airports last week using liquid explosives, authorities in the US and UK have banned transportation of liquids in carry-on luggage.

A machine used by security officers to test for the presence of explosives was trigged by two of four bottles carried by the woman. This positive result was subsequently confirmed by a sniffer dog. The bottles reportedly contained drinking water and a face wash with a drop of bleach.

Both bomb sniffing dogs and explosive detecting equipment detect chlorine among other chemicals. Chlorine is the major ingredient in bleach and a common disinfectant.

Airport officials report that the woman, Rima Qayyum, is an American from Jackson West Virginia. She is of Pakistani origin and was travelling on a one way ticket to Charlotte, North Carolina. She is four months pregnant.

Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Amy von Walter issued the following statements to press. “The bomb squad is on site and the woman is being interviewed by the FBI,” “It looks like there were four items containing liquids … two of those containers tested positive.”

The bottles were later found to be harmless and the woman was released.

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Creating Subscription Free Newsletters

By William Nabaza

All good and bad newsletters or ezines require subscriptions. Newsletters will ask you for your name and email address before you can receive valuable information from them. You might ask yourself, “Am I too important that someone wants to know my name and email address? Yes, you’re that important as a lead or contact for the newsletter owner, that’s why they’re giving you free for something in return and that’s a little bit of your privacy. Some newsletters will go to the extent of asking a survey-type question or majority will concentrate on your personal information. You know what, majority of people that I “meet” on the internet are like that. They are pleased to let them know you using their username or an alias. I was like that before hiding under username: weblord but now I know better.

So now, you may ask how can I reach these majority who does not want to share their email address or name? The answer is: create subscription-free newsletters. Actually, we’re all doing this since the start of internet and that is our personal homepages or an entire websites. Everyday, users with no faces flood my websites looking for something that I can’t help them with or something that I already have but don’t know how I can send it to them. Provide a page where you can say everything there is to know about your products/services, say it in straightforward sentences.

Another is via article writing, pose a problem and give the solution, usually it’s your services or product that can remedy it.

YouTube Preview Image

Use .rss (really simple syndication) or .xml (extended markup language) in disseminating your products/services, that way it will end up in thousands of rss or news aggregator already in the computers of your prospects.

Creating an ebook and set in iframe or frame the url or web address you want to share to your recipient, have him/her download the ebook from your site.

Screensavers can also contain your newsletter. Wallpapers can also contain your newsletter messages. Sms go straight to their cellphonesl, or much better create a wap site in .wml (wireless markup language)

Subscription-free newsletters are a way to increase your newsletter viewership without the need to know the email address of a person where you intend it to be. I, myself, am using desktop alerts – those small programs or applications that can be downloaded on your computer simply fetching syndicated .rss or atom enabled site (example: )

About the Author: William Nabaza of

specializes in domains, webhosting, webmaster’s tools, netpreneur’s articles and resources. Stands out as a freebie provider, business opportunity provider and the like. Visit his site at

or contact him directly at


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NHL: Penguins to remain in Pittsburgh

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell announced Tuesday morning that a deal had been struck between state and local officials and the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey franchise. The Penguins organization will formally announce the deal tonight, prior to the Penguins game against the Buffalo Sabres at the Mellon Arena. The deal will ensure that the Penguins will remain in the city with a 30 year lease on a new arena to be built in downtown Pittsburgh. The framework of the deal was constructed in an emergency meeting last Thursday in Philadelphia, when both government and franchise officials indicated that progress had been made, with the details laid out over the weekend. With the new deal, the Penguins organization would be expected to pay $3.8 million per year, as well as $7.5 million per year from both Don Barden, owner of Majestic Star Casino, and the state economic development fund. The Penguins organization has also been given the option of building a parking garage on property of the Pittsburgh Sports Authority between Centre and Fifth avenues, by contributing $500,000 per year.

The new arena is expected to cost approximately $290 million, and should be completed and ready to host hockey games by 2009. The Penguins will sign a temporary lease to keep the team at Mellon Arena until the new building is finished.

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Arthritis An Excruciating Life

Arthritis – An Excruciating Life


Ethan C Kalvin

Anyone suffering from arthritis or joint pain is already aware of the pain and agony that is part of the suffering from arthritis. This inflammation of the joints causes swelling, pain, stiffness in the affected areas and limited motion. Joint inflammation is just another name for this joint condition.

Symptoms of arthritis can be hard to deal with. Suffering individuals from arthritis feels an excruciating pain. If you have one of these symptoms then you are likely to be experiencing arthritis. Everything from joint pain (fingers, elbow, knee, ankle, toe, etc.), joint swelling, moderate ability to move the joint, redness and warmth around the joint area, to stiffness and limited flexing of the joint.

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The causes and reasons for arthritis can come from many sources. When the cartilage of the joint experiences the wearing down process, arthritis is the result. Healthy cartilage is a firm, elastic and rubbery tissue that is the joint protectors. Cartilage also acts as movement pads for the joint that stops bone friction. They also act as joint shock absorbers when walking and running produces impacting movements are made using the leg joints. Gripping, boxing and stretching activities al create force in the arm joints and the cartilage works to protect the joints from friction in these areas. When the cartilage is ether worn down or gone, the bones are unprotected creating joint pain and swelling in any affected areas.

Arthritis is developed due to certain reasons and these may include an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease is a term in medical profession to describe the body attacks itself believing that the body present is foreign as perceived by the immune system. Arthritis is also caused by broken bones which affects the cartilage in its proper function. Wearing of the cartilage as age progresses is typically the reason why the old folks seem to develop arthritis. Infection caused by bacteria or virus tends to lower the immune system thus developing arthritis.

Arthritis shows up in many forms. Juvenile rheumatoid is a arthritis that attacks children. Also, there is Gonococcal arthritis, adult Still’s disease, gout or gouty arthritis, fungal infections such as Blastomycosis and Osteoarthritis as well as Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Of all these types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common form. Old age is the usual culprit because the victim can feel the pain in the joints. These joints are connected to the hips, knees, fingers elbows and ankles. Early morning excruciating pain episodes are very common as well as mid-day and the cold temperature seasons. There is generally no substitute for pain relievers when arthritis comes calling. However it is advisable to seek a doctor’s advice to get the right pain relief for your arthritis pain.

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before it worsens.

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Arthritis – An Excruciating Life