Information About Lyme Disease Treatment}

Information about Lyme Disease Treatment


Peter Hutch

Lyme disease, sometimes referred to as Lyme infection, is a bacterial illness, transmitted to humans by the bite of deer ticks (Ixodes ticks) carrying a bacterium known as Borrelia burgdorferi. The disease has been reported in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, North Central, and Pacific coastal regions of the United States and in Europe, where it was first described almost 100 years ago. It is most prevalent in the northeastern states of the United States, with about half of all cases clustered in New York and Connecticut.

Oral antibiotics usually doxycycline for adults and children older than 8, or amoxicillin or cefuroxime axetil for adults, younger children and pregnant or breast-feeding women are the standard treatment for early-stage Lyme disease. These drugs often clear the infection and prevent complications. A 14- to 21-day course of antibiotics is usually recommended, but some studies suggest that courses lasting 10 to 14 days are equally effective. In some cases, longer treatment has been linked to serious complications.

Bb contains beta lactamases, which, with some strains, may confer resistance to cephalosporins and penicillins. This is apparently a slowly acting enzyme system, and may be overcome by higher or more continuous drug levels especially when maintained by continuous infusions (cefotaxime) and by depot preparations (benzathine penicillin). Nevertheless, some penicillin and cephalosporin treatment failures do occur and have responded to sulbactam/ampicillin, imipenim, and vancomycin, which act through different cell wall mechanisms than penicillin and the cephalosporins.

High-pressure (hyperbaric) oxygen is legitimately used to treat deep sea divers suffering from decompression sickness (“the bends”) and smoke inhalation, and to help treat several other conditions. There are 300 hyperbaric facilities in the United States. Some of these facilities have been used to treat AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Lyme disease. The Lyme patients subjecting themselves to long hours in these small chambers apparently hope that high-pressure oxygen will enhance oxygen-dependent immune mechanisms and kill spirochetes lurking beyond the reach of antibiotics.

Doxycycline (also effectively treats most other tick-borne diseases; not given to children under age 9, pregnant women, or women who are breastfeeding because it can stain the permanent teeth developing in young children or unborn babies)

Doxycycline – bacteriostatic properties stops synthesis of bacteria replication. Inhibits bacterial protein synthesis. Amoxicillin – bacteriostatic properties do not kill bacterium, but do halt bacterial growth by inhibition of cell wall synthesis. Ceftriaxone – (intravenous therapy) bactericidal properties kill bacterium. Wear a hat and a long-sleeved shirt for added protection. Wear light-colored clothing so that ticks can be spotted more easily. Wash all clothes after leaving tick-infested areas, and bathe and shampoo your child thoroughly to eliminate any unseen ticks.

Intravenous therapy is usually started in a healthcare provider’s office or emergency department. It can be continued at home and monitored by a visiting or home health nurse. Patients receiving home intravenous therapy should monitor themselves for symptoms of infection or inflammation at the site of the IV line (pain, redness, and swelling) and symptoms of blood clots in the vein (pain and swelling in the arm or armpit).

A 3- to 4-week course of antibiotic treatment using doxicycline or amoxicillin is generally effective in early disease. Cefuroxime axetil and erythromycin are alternatives. Oral penicillin is usually prescribed for children. When given in the early stages, these drugs can minimize later complications.

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Potasssim And Sodium Remarkable Minerals}

Submitted by: Helen Thomas

Today you cannot afford not to know the information this article has for you. It is a matter of life and death. Taking the proper minerals and knowing why is a must for vitality. Cancer cells are found to die in potassium solutions. Potassium improves blood circulation.

Excessive salt intake create a loss of potassium reserves. Lung disease and chest infections are improved by taking high doses of calcium, potassium and sodium. Olives are one of the highest food in potassium and can help nourish the nerves, brain and heart. Potassium is the mineral spark plug that enhances the entire body’s’ cellular healing.

Raw food dishes with foods high in potassium are best. Potassium plus phosphorous are a winning combination of minerals that get oxygen to the brain and increase mental functioning. Low levels of potassium can cause irritability.

Potassium is a mineral that should be included in any detox program. The heart uses potassium to keep its muscle strong and in combination with iron brings oxygen to the heart and helps circulate clean ,rich, blood to the rest of the body.


The foods highest in potassium are dandelion greens, almonds, raisin, collard, black currants, potato, radish, peas, barley, dates and figs.

Sodium is a strong ingredient in producing a healthy lymphatic system. Sodium must be taken in its organic form such as sea salt. Sodium plays a role in curing lung diseases because it helps remove carbon dioxide from the lungs.

Liquid minerals combined with vitamin nutrients are the antidote to the world of the busy. Sodium helps balance magnesium. The main influence sodium has in the body is preventing hardening of the arteries.

You are your own best friend. You can chose to allow knowledge to empower you to heal thyself and thrive. Sodium levels are responsible for the production of saliva which is the first step in digestive enzyme action Skin, hair and eyes are dependent upon the mineral sodium for beauty, clarity and brilliance.

Don’t put your lamp under the table shine with your natural power and understand how to consciously chose how to fuel your body intelligently.

Carbohydrates need sodium to process the dreaded good and bad carbohydrate.

These are a list of sodium rich foods ,nuts like cashews, sesame seeds, kumquat, prunes, brusell sprouts, honeydew melon, mango, wheat bran, artichoke , chickpea, cauliflower, onion, coconut, beetroot, garlic and cabbage. Lower levels of sodium but still high in sodium foods are cucumbers, rice, endive, red bean, and cayenne.

Making it your business to understand that the blood needs sodium mineral and 16 other minerals makes it easy to understand it is time right now to act and make sure everyday you are consciously supplying your body with its needs and amazingly enough you will see your body give you what you want.

Cells are the building blocks of the tissue system. Blood quality determines the health of the cell. Every sixty days an entire bodies blood is completely renewed. The blood is dependent upon you. How healthy it will be is your choice. Will you get the minerals you need to take in a way that the body repairs and rebuilds to its true astonishing radiance? 2007 Copyright Dr.Helen Thomas D.C. B.A. All rights reserved in all countries

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and order a remarkably tasty liquid mineral, vitamin, aloe vera, green tea supplement for your daily supplement requirement. Along with self daily oil massage and breathing techniques you can enjoy vigorous vitality and personal power. Click today and go to buy products and have it sent right to your front door and join me in a great daily health practice. Quick, complete and Vemma taste great. Also a great extra income producer. Join the league of health conscious citizens and help keep our community healthy.YOU can make a difference in your own life and of the ones you love. Act Today.


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Student Loans, Often A Family’s Best Option

Submitted by: Burns Evans

The economic downturn and deflated job market has had a negative impact on a large majority of families in the United States. Parents continue to struggle for ways just to make ends meet. So, when it comes time for college, many find themselves pulling their hair out. Now days, it’s very rare for parents to have enough money saved to pay a university out right, while still covering the costs of books and lodging after all, kids still have to eat! The last couple years have marked a dramatic change in the way lenders view clientele and now more and more families are turning to student loans to cover the cost of tuition.

Let’s face facts, the “full-ride” scholarship is few and far between, and attaining the privilege of attending school on the university’s dime is an enigma that often evades even the most gifted of students. Even students with impeccable grades or exemplary athletic ability can be overlooked for scholarship selection. This means that student loans and financial aid for college are often the only option.


The growing disparity between the classes and the fact that the middle-class American family is dwindling in numbers means that parents faced with limited income will have to be very selective about the student loan program they enlist for their child. It is important to remember that not all student loans are created equally. Families must select a program that has a reasonable interest-rate and won’t crush a student with repayment after graduation. A growing majority of parents choose to allow students to cosign for a student loan in order to help build their credit (another growing concern for most families in the US).

Most people look back on their college years with admiration and fond memory. And the simple fact that the job market is so competitive these days means that a child is best served to have a college degree. No matter how difficult the job market becomes, a person with a degree will earn an infinitely higher income, on average, over the course of their lifetime.

Most parents desire to give their children the best opportunities life has to offer, but in most cases, parents cannot afford the cost of those opportunities out right. It’s advisable for these parents to start exploring student loan programs and financial aid for college as early as a child’s sophomore year in high school. Research and some assistance from professionals can help to guarantee that a child receives the best possible student loan with a reasonable interest-rate and a repayment plan that won’t consume every penny a recent college graduate earns.

The sad truth of the matter is that the cost of tuition is ever-increasing and the demand for employees who have attained a college degree is also on the rise. Even employment opportunities that offer a modicum of income often require applicants to provide proof of education. In short, no matter what a student desires to do with his or her life, a degree is a major rung on the ladder too career success — and the careful selection of a good student loan program or financial aid for college is the best way to achieve said goal.

About the Author: Tad Headley is the author of this article on students loans and financial aid for college.visit

for more information.


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Online Canadian Pharmacies To Offer A Generic Version Of Lantus?

Online Canadian Pharmacies to Offer a Generic Version of Lantus?


A. Ray

Lantus is a popular basal, or long acting, insulin used in the treatment of both type 1 and type 1 diabetes mellitus. The diabetes medication is suitable for both adult and pediatric patients with Type 1 diabetes, and for adults with Type 2 diabetes who require long-acting insulin injections to control hyperglycemia.

Lantus long acting insulin has some key benefits: it is used only once daily, it has no pronounced peak; it lowers basal glucose levels for a full 24 hours; and it can be used with oral diabetes medications and/or short-acting insulin for better diabetes control. One of the biggest advantages of Lantus is that, due to its lack of peak, it decreases the risk of nocturnal hypoglycemia.


Lantus (insulin glargine), marketed by Sanofi-Aventis, currently leads the long acting insulin market, generating sales of almost $4 billion a year globally. Lantus is available in both conventional vials and the discreet and convenient pre-filled Lantus SoloSTAR insulin pen.

Many diabetics help manage the cost of daily insulin injections by buying their diabetes medication from a Canadian online pharmacy. The Canadian government regulates prescription drug prices, and does not allow pharmaceutical companies to engage in expensive direct to consumer marketing, helping to keep drug prices lower.

The Canadian government also allows drug companies to manufacturer cheaper (but chemically identical) generic versions of brand name drugs sooner than in the States. Canadian pharmacies are anticipating they will be able to provide their customers with affordable generic Lantus in the near future – visit

for updates.

It is not uncommon for a prescription purchased through a Canadian pharmacy to be 50% cheaper than one purchased in the US, and not unheard of for it to be up to 90% cheaper. To buy Lantus online from a Canadian pharmacy, you must have a current valid prescription.

Be sure you are dealing with a reputable online Canada pharmacy by ensuring it does not offer drugs without a prescription, does not sell controlled substances such as narcotics, has clear contact information including a physical address, has a licensed pharmacist available to answer questions, and is accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

Like all types of insulin, Lantus is only part of a complete program of diabetes treatment that may also include diet, exercise, weight control, and regular blood sugar monitoring. Any decisions about your diabetes medication should be made together with your doctor or another health care professional.

Alex Ray blogs about news and views of interest to diabetics at Long Acting She feels strongly about affordable access to diabetes medication, and recommends Big Mountain Drugs as a reliable Canadian pharmacy from which to buy Lantus and the convenient Lantus SoloSTAR long acting insulin pen.

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Varanam Aayiram Movie Review}

Varanam Aayiram Movie Review


Jenifer Diana

Gautham Vasudev Menon is back with a film straight from the heart. The director, who believes in meaningful cinema, is trying to push the cinematic envelope with Vaaranam Aayiram. The film is clearly meant for niche audiences, and not for mass viewing. It is a tribute to the director’s dad, who passed away last year. The treatment and narration are purely autobiographical with most of it taken from real life incidents laced with cinematic liberties.

The movie opens with an army officer Surya receiving the news of his dads death while on a mission. Flashback- Right from his birth, for Surya (Surya) his dad Krishnan (Surya), a middle-class central government employee is more of a friend and a role model than a disciplinarian father. He dotes on his dad more than his mom Malini (Simran) and sister Shriya, and they live a happy life. Surya is influenced by his dad’s stories of how he romanced his mother and won her. As Malini nostalgically tells him- He just swept me off my feet”!

Surya goes to an Engineering college in Tiruchi, after his father borrows money to pay his capitation fees, but ends up watching movies than attending classes. After his last semester exams, on the way back to Chennai he meets the beautiful Meghana on train and it is love at first sight. Being a guy who has never looked at a girl, he pulls out his guitar and sings En iniyia pon nilaave!

Meghana and Surya are like chalk and cheese; she has graduated from the prestigious REC, Tiruchi a studious type and a topper who is going to do her MS at Berkley University in California! But somehow Surya who says he has been hit by a “thunderbolt” tells her-” I will come into your life and sweep you off your feet”. How his father sticks with him through thick and thin and helps him to attain his goal against all odds, forms rest of this bio pic.

Gautham simply wrings you dry with his overplay of emotions in the father-son bonding. The climax is heart wrenching and heartwarming as Surya’s breakdown and tears roll down his cheek which looks real. The best part of the film is the first half, especially the wispy romance between Surya and Sameera Reddy, with the scene where Surya falls for her in the train is hilarious and romantic. And when Sameera says finally “I’m in love”, with Surya playing around with a toy helicopter at Fort Point, which offers the best view of the Golden Bridge in San Francisco, the romance tugs at your heart. Only Gautham, a romantic can make such scenes work.

Technically the film is state of art. Rajeevan’s art work captures the ethos and milieu of the 60’s feel in the beginning effectively. For a change Antony does not do any gimmicks, and you should understand that its not an easy job to edit an autobiographical. Ratnavel’s camera is eye-catching as it pans California, Dehradun, Delhi, Rameswaram and other locations and gives the film richness. Surya’s make-up, his six pack look and old man get-up is very good.

The music of Harris Jayaraj is first rate and tangy, with meaningful lyrics of Thamarai. This is Harris- Gautham’s last film together and the combo is simply terrific. Four of the songs before interval are shot beautifully like a music video, with Adiye Kolluthe and Nenjukkul Peidhidum.. being the pick of lot, while two songs post interval mars the tempo. However the music of the film and its picturisation will remain the USP of the film.

On the downside, the film is excruciatingly slow, and in the second half plods as the director has no story to say. All of a sudden why did he make his hero larger than life? The Delhi kidnapping and the hero solving it has been done to bring out his heroism, which sticks out like a sore thumb. Is there not a cut-off age to join the army? Surya’s character is far too simplistic. The thing about a father backing his son to go to America and win over his lady love just doesn’t wash. An ordinary middle class, Tamil family speaking so fluently in English does not gel with viewers.

The film demands great patience to sit through and is an overdose of emotions. If the film holds on, it is because of its music and superb performance of Surya. On the whole, the film is optimistic, fresh and emotionally honest.

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Varanam Aayiram Movie Review}

Questions About Acting Agent

Submitted by: Chris Johansen

My acting agent in the US has gone a long way in helping me in my acting career. He has been the one person who offered me an insight into the industry and helped open doors for me. As an actor or actress who is just starting out, you need an agent to help you in getting your career off the ground. The agent will help in getting you work and ensure that you are paid accordingly by negotiating your deals. Even when you get a job, the acting agent will always ensure that your career runs smoothly. He will be in charge of scheduling interviews for you with journalists and ensuring that you always have good public relations. An agent will work hard for you because the success of their career is largely dependent on the success of yours.

There are so many acting agencies in America; some are genuine while others are just scams. You therefore need to be very careful when hiring an acting agent. Some of the most important attributes that my acting agent in the U.S should have is honesty, integrity and good work ethics. A good agent will not try to exploit you for their own personal gains. One of the ways that you can tell if an agency is just a scam is by looking at their charges. If an agent starts to ask you to make a lot of payments even before he gets you a job, then most likely this is a scam and not a genuine agency.


Most of the best acting agencies in the US are the ones that registered with Screen Actors Guild (SAG).These Agents also align themselves with Actors Equity Association. Agencies that are associated with these unions are usually well reputable.

My acting agent in the U.S should be someone that I can easily communicate with. The agent is my link to the other people in the industry so that s why I need to have someone that I can communicate with. It is important for actors and actresses to take their time before signing up with an agent. This should never be a rush decision. You need to meet your potential agent and have a talk with him first. If you have to sign any contracts, go through it very carefully, make enquiries about the clauses that you don t understand.

My acting agent in the U.S should be someone with good negotiation skills. This is because the agent is the one in charge of negotiating contract or his clients. If you get someone who can t negotiate that you are doomed nor to get the best deals. Normally, a good acting agent will only charge you a commission for the jobs that they get you. This commission is usually at most 15% of your total pay for the job. The agent therefore should work hard to get you jobs so that they can get the commission. If your agent is not getting you any jobs and they are charging you for their jobs, then you are better off hiring someone else.

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