California’s violent video game ban law ruled unconstitutional by US Court of Appeals

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A U.S. Court of Appeals on Friday has declared unconstitutional California Assembly Bills 1792 & 1793, the California “ultraviolent video games law” that sought to ban the sale or rental of violent video games to minors.

Federal judge Consuelo M. Callahan has ruled that the 2005 statewide ban, which has yet to be enforced, violates minors’ rights under the US Constitution’s First and 14th amendment because even the most graphic on-screen mayhem, video game content represents free speech that cannot be censored without proper justification.

The Court has ruled that there’s no convincing evidence it causes psychological damage to young people. The 3-0 judgment has affirmed an earlier ruling by a U.S. District Court, which barred enforcement of the law on the basis that it was “unduly restrictive” and “used overly broad definitions,” and that the state failed to show that the limitations on violent video games would actually protect children.

In 2005, Leland Yee (???), a California State Senator (in District 8 which includes the western half of San Francisco and most of San Mateo County), Speaker pro Tempore of the Assembly (D-San Francisco/Daly City), introduced California Assembly Bills 1792 & 1793 which barred “ultra-violent” video games from minors under the age of eighteen in California and mandated the application of ESRB ratings for video games.

“California Assembly Bills 1792 & 1793” were commonly called the “ultraviolent video games bills” or simply “video game ban” bills. Bill 1792 banned the sales of such video games while Bill 1793 required signs explaining the regulations on said games to be placed where such were sold. Both bills were passed by the Assembly and signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger into law (AB 1179) on October 7, 2005.

Explicitly, these two bills provided that:

  • AB 1792 will place ultra-violent video games into the “matter” portion of the penal code, which criminalizes the sale of said material to a minor.
  • AB 1793 will require retailers to place M-rated games separate from other games intended for children, and will also require retailers to display signage explaining the ESRB rating system.

Yee, a former child psychologist has publicly criticized such games as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Manhunt 2, and opposes the U.S. Army’s Global Gaming League.

On October 17, 2005, before the effectivity of the challenged Act, plaintiffs Video Software Dealers Association, the not-for-profit international trade association dedicated to advancing the interests of the $32 billion home entertainment industry and Entertainment Software Association, a 1994 US trade association of the video game industry have filed lawsuit (D.C. No. CV-05-04188-RMW) against the defendants Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, CA Attorney General, Edmund G. Brown, Santa Clara County District Attorney George Kennedy, City Attorney for the City of San Jose, Richard Doyle, and County Counsel for the County of Santa Clara, Ann Miller Ravel.

Plaintiffs’ counsel, Jenner & Block‘s Paul M. Smith has filed a declaratory relief to invalidate the newly-enacted California Civil Code sections 1746-1746.5 (the “Act”), on the grounds that it allegedly violated 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Plaintiffs have submitted that “the Act unconstitutionally curtailed freedom of expression on its face based on content regulation and the labeling requirement, was unconstitutionally vague, and violated equal protection. California’s restrictions could open the door for states to limit minors’ access to other material under the guise of protecting children.”

By December 2005, both bills had been struck down as unconstitutional, by Ronald M. Whyte, District Judge, Presiding in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California in San Jose, thereby preventing either from going into effect on January 1, 2006.

Judge Whyte has granted plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction in “Video Software Dealers Ass’n v. Schwarzenegger,” 401 F. Supp. 2d 1034 (N.D. Cal. 2005), and cross-motions for summary judgment, in “Video Software Dealers Ass’n v. Schwarzenegger,” No. C-05-04188, slip op. (N.D. Cal. Aug. 6, 2007).

Similar bills were subsequently filed in such states as Illinois, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Michigan and Louisiana have been ruled to be unconstitutional by federal courts on First Amendment grounds, according to Sean Bersell, a spokesman for the Entertainment Merchants Association.

The defendants, in the instant Case No. 07-16620, have timely appealed the judgment. On October 29, 2008, the appealed case was argued and submitted to the Sacramento, California‘s U.S. Court of Appeals, hence, the promulgation of the instant 30 pages decision (No. 07-16620; D.C. No. CV-05-04188-RMW) by Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge, Sidney R. Thomas and Consuelo M. Callahan (who wrote the court’s opinion), United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Judges.

In the ban’s defense, Deputy Attorney General for the State of California, Zackery Morazzini has contended that “if governments restrict the sale of pornography to minors, it should also create a separate category for ultra-violent video games.” Edmund Gerald “Jerry” Brown, Jr., California Attorney General, has also argued that “the Court should analyze the Act’s restrictions under what has been called the ‘variable obscenity’ or ‘obscenity as to minors’ standard first mentioned in Ginsberg, 390 U.S. 629. The Court’s reasoning in Ginsberg that a state could prohibit the sale of sexually-explicit material to minors that it could not ban from distribution to adults should be extended to materials containing violence.”

The “Fallo” or dispositive portion of the judgment in question goes as follows:

We hold that the Act, as a presumptively invalid contentbased restriction on speech, is subject to strict scrutiny and not the “variable obscenity” standard from Ginsberg v. New York, 390 U.S. 629 (1968). Applying strict scrutiny, we hold that the Act violates rights protected by the First Amendment because the State has not demonstrated a compelling interest, has not tailored the restriction to its alleged compelling interest, and there exist less-restrictive means that would further the State’s expressed interests. Additionally, we hold that the Act’s labeling requirement is unconstitutionally compelled speech under the First Amendment because it does not require the disclosure of purely factual information; but compels the carrying of the State’s controversial opinion. Accordingly, we affirm the district court’s grant of summary judgment to Plaintiffs and its denial of the State’s cross-motion. Because we affirm the district court on these grounds, we do not reach two of Plaintiffs’ challenges to the Act: first, that the language of the Act is unconstitutionally vague, and, second, that the Act violates Plaintiffs’ rights under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.—”Video Software Dealers Association; Entertainment Software Association v. Arnold Schwarzenegger and George Kennedy” – No. 07-16620; D.C. No. CV-05-04188-RMW – Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge, Sidney R. Thomas and

Consuelo M. Callahan, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Circuit Judges.

“We need to help empower parents with the ultimate decision over whether or not their children play in a world of violence and murder,” said the law’s author, Sen. Leland Yee, announcing he wanted Edmund Gerald “Jerry” Brown, Jr., the current Attorney General and a former governor of the State of California, to appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Letting the industry police itself is like letting kids sign their own report cards and that a self regulating system simply doesn’t work. I’ve always contended that the … law the governor signed was a good one for protecting children from the harm from playing these ultra-violent video games. I’ve always felt it would end up in the Supreme Court,” Sen. Yee explained. “In fact, the high court recently agreed, in Roper v. Simmons (2005), that we need to treat children differently in the eyes of the law due to brain development,” he added.

According to Michael D. Gallagher, president of the Entertainment Software Association, plaintiff, the Court’s ruling has stressed that parents, with assistance from the industry, are the ones who should control what games their children play. “This is a clear signal that in California and across the country, the reckless pursuit of anti-video game legislation like this is an exercise in wasting taxpayer money, government time and state resources,” Gallagher said in a statement.

California’s violent video game law properly seeks to protect children from the harmful effects of excessively violent, interactive video games. While I am deeply disappointed in today’s ruling, we should not stop our efforts to assist parents in keeping these harmful video games out of the hands of children.

Entertainment Software Association members include Disney Interactive Studios, Electronic Arts, Microsoft Corp, THQ Inc, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and Take-Two Interactive Software, the maker of “Grand Theft Auto” games.

Judge Callahan has also reprimanded state lawyers for having failed to show any reasonable alternatives to an outright statewide ban against the ultra-violent video games. “Ratings education, retailer ratings enforcement, and control of game play by parents are the appropriate responses to concerns about video game content,” said Bo Andersen, president and chief executive of the Entertainment Merchants Association.

Andersen continues, “retailers are committed to assisting parents in assuring that children do not purchase games that are not appropriate for their age. Independent surveys show that retailers are doing a very good job in this area, with an 80 percent enforcement rate, and retailers will continue to work to increase enforcement rates even further; the court has correctly noted that the state cannot simply dismiss these efforts.”

California was already forced to pay $282,794 to the ESA for attorneys’ fees, money that would’ve helped with the state’s current budget difficulties. Andersen has urged California government officials not to appeal the case. “The estimated $283,000 in taxpayer money spent by the state on this case is so far an ‘ill-advised, and ultimately doomed, attempt at state-sponsored nannyism.’ A voluntary ratings system already exists to avoid the state-sponsored nannyism of a ban,” he explained.

“The governor believes strongly we have a responsibility to our children and our communities to protect against the effects of video games depicting ultra-violent actions,” said Governor Schwarzenegger spokeswoman Camille Anderson adding the governor was reviewing Friday’s decision.

Deputy Attorney General Zackery Morazzini, the state’s counsel in the appealed case, has stressed that “a law restricting sales of violent games is far more effective than industry self-policing, since the technological controls that the court cited as another alternative can be easily bypassed by any kid with an Internet connection.”

According to Jim Steyer, Founder of Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization of 750,000 regular users dedicated to improving children’s media lives, researches have shown that playing these violent video games are detrimental for kids mental and physical health. “The health threat involved with kids playing such games is equivalent to smoking cigarettes,” Steyer said. “These violent video games are learning tools for our children and clearly result in more aggressive behavior,” said Randall Hagar, California Psychiatric Association’s Director of Government Affairs.

The Federal Trade Commission‘s data reveals that “nearly 70 percent of thirteen to sixteen year olds are able to purchase M-rated (Mature) video games, which are designed for adults; ninety-two percent of children play video or computer games, of which about forty percent are rated M, which are the fastest growing segment of the 10 billion-dollar video game industry; the top selling games reward players for killing police officers, maiming elderly persons, running over pedestrians and committing despicable acts of murder and torture upon women and racial minorities.”

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Benefits Of Learning Tally Erp 9 Computer Accounting Software At Tally Institute

Benefits of learning Tally ERP 9 Computer Accounting software at Tally Institute



Tally ERP 9 accounts software is one of the most popular accounts erp software in India and is very much in demand among small and medium enterprises, since most of these companies look for cheap and efficient accounting software with support and up gradation from time to time it has many features which match the standard of any ERP enterprise resource planning software in India, this accounting software is developed by Bangalore based software firm TIPA, way back in 1985 this software company initially came out with an accounts software which was dos based version and slowly it was upgraded and developed into full fledged ERP solution which as Accounts , Inventory, billing, taxation like TDS, service tax, excise, payroll functions like PF ESI etc.

It is very easy to learn computerized accounting many students as well as businessmen find it useful to learn Tally ERP 9 from Tally Institutes, there are many computer training institutes as well as profession accounting institutes like:- The Institute of Professional Accountants which offers full time courses, however many other institutes have developed small modules which help students to learn this software, however TIPL also took efforts to educate people about their software and tried to create awareness among the student and business community to use their software in a professional manner.

To full fill this aim TIPL launched Tally Academy such tally academies were opened through out the country and soon it became very popular among learners as well accountants to get training on ERP9 accounting software, since Tally ERP9 is nothing but computer accounting it became almost a trend for many Accounting institutes to offer job oriented training in the field of accounting finance and taxation using accounting software, through Tally training many students are getting employment in various companies.

During training at any Institute it is important to understand the kind of training study material prepared by institute and experience of faculties play very important role.

Since computer accounting is an area where knowledge of both accounting and computer is required, since ERP9 deals with various aspects of accounting taxation inventory and payroll, prior knowledge of these subjects are essential before exploring the software, hence it is advisable to learner to have prior knowledge of the these subjects, however basic knowledge of computer is also essential before starting training at any institute.

Eligibility criteria:-

YouTube Preview Image

Any 12th pass student after commerce or arts as subject can start learning ERP9 software, any graduate B Com or postgraduate M Com , MA, BA MBA can also think of learning this useful software, business men those who are running their business can also learn and maintain their financial records with the help of ERP 9.


Some of the features of this accounting software is discussed below:-

Company creation

Learn how to create chart of accounts

There are various configuration functions using F1 & F2 commands

How to create masters related to inventory

How to do financial and inventory related entries

Use of cost centers

How to use Bill wise method to keep track of receivables and payables

How to do check printing and bank reconciliation

Order processing

Tracking number

Batch wise detail

How to use Multiple currency

Author is working with IPA offering

Tally Course


Accounts Training

. They also offering

courses after commerce graduation

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Airplane crashes into ocean in Micronesia

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Yesterday morning near the international airport located on Weno island of Chuuk state of the Federated States of Micronesia, Oceania a passenger airplane of model Boeing 737-800 flown by the Air Niugini carrier crashed into sea as its pilot missed the runway. All 47 people on board — by differing reports, 36 passengers and eleven crew or 35 passengers and twelve crew — survived.

The report by the international commercial aviation safety organization Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre indicated the crash coincided with a sudden intensification of the weather conditions. data from CustomWeather reported rain showers at 9:40 a.m. local time, following cloudy conditions at 8:50 a.m.

The airplane reportedly landed around 9:30 a.m. local time, short of the runway by about 160 m to 200 m (about 525 to 650 feet), according to reports. Locals immediately began to rescue the passengers and crew on fishing boats. Officials arrived after about ten minutes, according to a witness quoted by The Guardian.

In an interview, a passenger alleged the crew started panicking and yelling, The Guardian reported. A first responder, Dr James Yaingeluo, also said the airplane crew were in panic. He said, “There was a little bit [of] chaos at first because everybody was really panicked and tried to get out of the plane […] other than that we were doing as much as we can. Luckily there are no casualties.”

Yaingeluo said nine people were taken to a hospital. Four people remained in hospital, one “seriously injured”, according to reports recounted by ABC News on Friday evening.

Flight 73 was coming from Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia. Its destination was Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, with a stop at the Chuuk state.

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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/OH-WY

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.

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Save Money With Affordable Seo Services


It may seem a bit counterintuitive to think that hiring a service from outside your company could actually save you money. Yet if you play your cards right and choose wisely, then you really could keep to your budget and even whittle down expenses. There is such a thing as affordable search engine optimization in California. Just follow our guidelines and you could be well on your way to getting expert advice without breaking your budget.

A Necessary Service

First of all, search engine optimization is crucial if you want to make a dent in today’s busy and convoluted marketplace. There really is no escaping it; you need SEO strategies if you are going to bypass your competition. So you might as well hire someone who is competent and interested in your business. That being said, you do not have to splurge and spend an arm and a leg for this person. Just do your research, browse some portfolios, and find the agency that is most catered to your needs and goals.

Think About the Future

Sometimes it can be easy to focus only on the here and now. Yet every good businessperson knows that having short- and long-term goals is essential. If you want your company to flourish for years to come, then you must think about not only now, but later as well. That means looking beyond the initial work of hiring an outside SEO expert. Rather, think about all of the time, money, and energy this person (or team) will save you in the long run! You can bypass silly mistakes, loads of hours spent trying to craft a decent webpage, and the aggravation of botching keywords and phrases. Bring in the pros and get things right the first time around!

Spend Some Money, Make a Lot

Finally, while it is true that you may need to spend a bit of money on hiring an expert team of search engine optimization pros, do not let that deter you. Once you have the professionals by your side, they can get right to work on pinning down the buzzwords and phrases that will get your Web content noticed, front and center. Snag more consumers than ever before and see more sales being made in no time at all. Moreover, get ahead of your competitors! You can start today and end up making a lot more later, so get started today!

US Homeland Security Department doubts credibility of New York subway threat

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The US news agency CNN is reporting that the recent New York subway terrorist threat this past weekend was based on “false information.” The original tip lead to the arrest of three men in Iraq with suspected ties to the plot; however, under interrogation which included lie detector tests, investigators discovered they had no knowledge of any planned terror attacks on the New York subway system.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was skeptical of the threat since it was first announced last week. More recently, Russ Knocke, a spokesman for the DHS, said “The intelligence community has been able to determine that there are very serious doubts about the credibility of this specific threat.”

Responding to the new comments from the DHS, New York City Mayor Bloomberg replied, “We’ve got to take every threat seriously and that is what we are going to do.” Even before the new questions about the tip’s accuracy, Mayor Bloomberg was already defending his decision to increase security and promised that the measures will remain in place for at least the near future. Mayor Bloomberg explained that, while he did not believe he made a mistake in calling for increased security, “If I’m going to make a mistake you can rest assured it is on the side of being cautious.” New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly agreed, adding, “We did exactly the right thing.” Critics of Bloomberg have charged that the threat was a bid to “look strong” in support for his upcoming re-election attempt.

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Bank of England governor warns housing market is biggest threat to UK economy

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has warned that the state of the housing market in the United Kingdom is the current biggest domestic threat to the country’s economy, due to lack of house building, and regulatory issues.

In an interview to be aired on Sky News today, he said the housing market is the “biggest risk” to the economy and has “deep, deep structural problems”. Of house building he said: “There are not sufficient houses built in the UK. To go back to Canada, there are half as many people in Canada as in the UK, twice as many houses are built every year in Canada as in the UK and we can’t influence that.”

“We’re not going to build a single house at the Bank of England. We can’t influence that. What we can influence […] is whether the banks are strong enough. Do they have enough capital against risk in the housing market?”

Carney also said the Bank of England would look into the procedures used to issue loans and mortgages to see if they were being granted appropriately: “We’d be concerned if there was a rapid increase in high loan-to-value mortgages across the banks. We’ve seen that creeping up and it’s something we’re watching closely.”

Kris Hopkins responded to Carney on behalf of the government, saying the government “inherited a broken housing market, but our efforts to fix it are working”. “We’ve scrapped the failed top-down planning system, built over 170,000 affordable homes and released more surplus brownfield sites for new housing. We’ve also helped homebuyers get on the housing ladder, because if people can buy homes builders will build them. Housebuilding is now at its highest level since 2007 and climbing. Last year councils gave permission for almost 200,000 new homes under the locally-led planning system and more than 1,000 communities have swiftly taken up neighbourhood planning. It’s clear evidence the government’s long-term economic plan is working.”

Earlier this month, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development called on the UK government to “tighten” access to the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme introduced by George Osborne and the coalition government in 2013. ‘Help to Buy’ has also recently been criticised by three former Chancellors of the Exchequer — the Conservatives Norman Lamont and Nigel Lawson, and former Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling. Darling said: “Unless supply can be increased substantially, we will exacerbate that situation with schemes like Help to Buy.”

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Forget About Blood Diamonds, Lets Look At Wal Mart}

Submitted by: Andy Moquin

Recent sensationalized Hollywood movies have brought the issues surrounding Blood Diamonds otherwise known as Conflict Diamonds in to question. While these issues should be serious concerns, the US’s diamond consumption has little affect on the Blood Diamond trade. Especially when you consider the insignificant amount of Blood Diamonds that actually enter the United States annually. After the implementation of the Kimberly Process, less than 1% of all diamonds sold in the United States are linked to the atrocities being committed in the African nations. Soon itll be 0%.

The Kimberly Process requires that all diamonds entering the U.S. be accompanied by a Kimberly Certificate and in a special tamper proof lock box. The Kimberly Certificates can only be issued by governing nations that have agreed to abide by the Kimberly Process. Over 71 nations, the diamond industry, and the United Nations established this process in 2002. Since its inception, the percentage of Blood Diamonds sold world wide, has dropped from 4% to 1%. Blood Diamonds are almost non-existent but still Hollywood and the media chooses to sensationalize this issue. Why, because they’re glamorous?

Diamond Facts

YouTube Preview Image

Nobody seems to mention that 99% of all diamonds come from conflict free sources. Furthermore, countries like Sierra Leone, Botswana, and Namibia benefit greatly from the revenues supplied by diamond exports. Did you know that 40% of all exported earnings for the country of Namibia comes from diamonds, accounting for 10% of their Gross Domestic Product? As Nelson Mandela said in 1999, “The diamond industry is vital to the southern African economy.” You can read more about Conflict Free Diamonds at

The general public has no idea how valuable the diamond industry is to the people of Africa. Revenues from diamond exports supply funding for hospitals, schools for children, roads and clean water systems. Diamonds from African countries have also funded the fight against HIV/AIDS by supplying funding for counseling, testing, education and clinics. It would be devastating to the people of Africa if the diamond trade were removed from its exports. Ive seen some activists calling for the end of the diamond trade, boycotting the sale of diamonds completely. Do you know how ridiculous that is? The people of Africa depend greatly on the exportation of their precious diamond resources.

Wal-Mart is a Bigger Problem

The annual sales for all jewelry products in the United States are $59 billion. That includes over 30,000 jewelry stores and manufacturers making and selling jewelry. Did you know that Wal-Mart sells over $290 billion annually as one company? One company sells $290 billion and 30,000 companies sell $59 billion, keep that figure in mind as I make my next point. The average American jewelry store sells only $500,000/year in jewelry. Yet, the activists picket all day in front of the miniscule mom and pop jewelry store and then head over to Wal-Mart and shop like theres no tomorrow. I heard a report recently that 20% of all products exported from China are purchased by Wal-Mart. Now lets talk about a serious problem, the exploitation of the Chinese worker.

The average Chinese worker makes .57cents per hour or $104 per month and is required to work 50 hours per week. Not asked, required! In some situations, Chinese workers are required to pay a fee to even get a job. But we Americans turn a blind eye to their problems as long as they keep providing cheap goods. Its not our problem, its theirs right? Recently, the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai contested a proposed Chinese draft Labor Contract Law (LCL) that would improve labor conditions in China. Its said that the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (a group of American companies, most likely Wal-Mart, Nike, etc.) threatened to pull out of China if the law were passed.

These American companies have no interest in seeing the standard of living rise in China. They prefer that things stay the same so they can continue buying cheap Chinese products and schlep them to the American consumer. The standard of living in the United States is 100xs that of the Chinese, but its still not enough for us because we keep buying and consuming more stuff. Our buying habits have greatly affected the Chinese people and will continue to impoverish them (among others) until we stand up and do something about it.

So the activists continue to purchase cheap Chinese made materials and make their Boycott Diamonds sign. They should remember that Blood Diamonds in the US are all but extinct.

About the Author: Andy Moquin has spent 20 years in the jewelry business buying and selling over $20,000,000 in diamonds, engagement rings and custom designed jewelry. He as traveled to Belgium and Israel to work with international diamond dealers and works as an advisor for DBC Diamonds an international consortium of diamond dealers. His experience in the jewelry business has become invaluable to consumers and business owners. He can be contacted at 716-630-7091,,



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23 Australians arrested in global child porn network

Friday, December 12, 2008

 Correction — December 22, 2008 This article previously stated that Mr Williams had been charged with six counts of sex with a minor girl and two of possession of child pornography material. He was not charged with any counts of sex with a minor, and only one of using a carriage service provider to view child pornography and one of possession of child pornography material. 

By virtue of 28 search warrants, the Australian Federal Police has charged and arrested 23 men across Australia of “trading images and videos of child abuse on the internet,” being part of a global child pornography and video-sharing network involving people in 70 countries.

A Victorian QC, a NSW policeman, and a childcare worker are among the 19 arrested so far across NSW, Victoria and Queensland. As part of the international crackdown on the online child pornography ring, the AFP’s Child Protection Operations Teams seized some 500,000 images and 15,000 videos, which not only showed victims as young as 12 months old, but even filmed children being molested for more than two hours.

Retired former barrister, a Newham Victorian legal figure Neil James Williams QC, aged 74, was arrested by Australian Federal Police on October 22. Charged with one count of using a carriage service provider to view child pornography and one of possession of child pornography material, he appeared in the Bendigo’s Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and was released on granted bail, pending court hearing on March 4.

Sydney man Richard Ngon Fung Lee, aged 24, a waiter from Blakehurst, New South Wales, one of five men arrested and detained, was accused of “downloading and possessing child pornography,” and six counts of child sex. He did not file a petition for bail, as Sydney’s Central Local Court jurist Allan Moore adjourned the criminal lawsuit until next week. He will also be charged with having sex with a 13-year-old girl.

AFP Acting Deputy Commissioner Andrew Colvin said, “the videos seized as part of this operation have to be among the worst we have seen; in this case we haven’t located any children that were depicted in these videos or these images in Australia; law enforcement does have tools, so we can get in and infiltrate these type of applications; if we are not knocking on your door this morning, then it could be tomorrow.”

The year-long probe dubbed “Operation Resistance” began after information from the Brazilian Federal Police last December. The tip-off supplied from the DPF via the Interpol, had contributed to identification of more than 200 suspects in 70 countries forming the global internet sex network. The Age reported that “six other Victorians arrested are a 40-year-old Bell Park man, 27-year-old Maldon man, Rodney Peter Smith, a 56-year-old Altona man, a 66-year-old Northcote man, a 32-year-old Lovely Banks man and a 47-year-old Windsor man.” Some of those arrested will appear before the Geelong Magistrates’ Court of Victoria next year. Another 200 suspects have been identified worldwide.

Amid the legal and practical issue of identifying the victims, the children appear to be based primarily in Eastern Europe, and North and South America. All the charges filed concern peer-to-peer (or P2P) network, with each carrying a 10-year imprisonment penalty for possession of child abuse instrument. AFP acting assistant commissioner Neil Gaughan said more charges and arrests are expected this week. Only two children in NSW had been removed from contact with suspects. The AFP’s one year investigation has also resulted in over 300 people being arrested, including 131 people as part of 2008’s Operation Centurion.

The police are urging anyone with information regarding overt or suspicious acts about child pornography to report the matter to the local police, or online through

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You Tube Video Commercial Advertisement Go Viral Or Get Out

By Dhruv Patel

Whether you are a small or medium or large businessman, you need to use the right technique at the right time to reach the audience in the internet marketing. Video marketing has overtaken the rest of the old marketing methods as the customers are interested in watching videos than reading articles. Through a powerful video you can reach audience in any part of the world, create higher traffic to your site, get higher ranking in search engine results page, get reputation and brand name etc. And that is the reason more and more web owners have started using the YouTube Promotion.

It is easy to advertise and promote your product through video sharing sites. YouTube website provides step by step instructions for the users to create and upload the video. Also video sites allow you create your account at free of cost. So, once your keyword rich video is uploaded in the YouTube, your product start reaching hundreds, thousands and millions of customers spreading like a virus. Video sharing sites will get instant results. Also the video advertising through internet is affordable when compared with expensive television or radio advertising. Using YouTube promotion you can target mass people in short period.

YouTube Preview Image

The main concept of YouTube promotion is to get more views. For this you need to spend few hours to create an interesting and informative video. Your video should be keyword targeted one as well as interesting to the audience. If you would like to get more views on your video, then make the video duration in between 8 and 10 minutes. People may not show interest to watch lengthy videos that runs for more than 10 minutes.

Creating video is not a tough one. If you are a newbie you can either hire a professional or you can even do it on your own. Even with mobile phone inbuilt camera you can create your YouTube video. Once the video is ready in your system, login to the YouTube promotion account and click upload video link. The uploading process will not consume much time and you will be directed until the process is complete.

The main role of your YouTube is to attract more subscribers. For this I recommend you to give extra time while tagging and titling the video. The title and tags should be derived with the keyword that is related to your niche and the one that can get the attention of search engine spiders. The keyword concept is essential in YouTube because, nowadays even video sites are shown in the search engine results page.

Video is the only accepted mode by all class of people to get popularity in quick period. The video can be used in any of the field including music, dance, movies, business, cooking etc. Videos can be created on any niche to make money online. So, if you want to get reputation or a brand name to your business or promote your product or service, create your video niche and upload it in the YouTube to find the results immediately.

About the Author: Dhruv Patel is a customer of DreamHost. You can also read detailed

DreamHost review

on his web site.


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