Aung San Suu Kyi leaves house arrest to meet with government official

 Correction — January 2, 2008 Aung San Suu Kyi received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, not 1992. 

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Myanmar opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi has left her house arrest to meet with government officials.

Witnesses have observed a caravan of vehicles leaving the home of the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Reports say that she is meeting with a liaison minister, U Aung Kyi, who was recently appointed by Senior General Than Shwe, the leader of Myanmar’s military junta.

The appointment of a liaison minister came after Special Envoy of the United Nations, Ibrahim Gambari, arrived in Myanmar on an urgent mission to press for mediation and reconciliation.

Yesterday, protests around the world yesterday marked the 12 years that Aung San Suu Kyi has spent in detention or house arrest. She was first arrested in 1989.

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‘The Regime’ hacks in response to ‘Anonymous’ attack on Scientology; takes web site off line

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wikinews has learned that a new entity calling itself The Regime used keylogging to gain an administrator password to, a site popular with the open vigilante group “Anonymous” that has recently been attacking Scientology online.

This website has been deleted due to copyright claims from the Church of Scientology.

At 9:57 p.m. (eastern time) the site, was replaced, allegedly by The Regime by the title Church of Scientology along with a statement on the home page stating “This website has been deleted due to copyright claims from the Church of Scientology.” A search performed using Google, on 711chan has returned the number one result of the apparent hack. All that remains of is an apparent message to the members of the site to “run” and “hide.”

“711chan is full of fucking fail for siding with Gaia. I’m out of here, faggots. Enjoy your Gaia,” said the message, which currently is only available in a cached version.

At 1:45 a.m. on January 27, the site was replaced with “And now a message from our sponsors. YOU SUCK711chan will be back online shortly. I love you guys for helping me out. <3 plasma,” acknowledging the possibility 711chan was back in control of their site. The site’s name has been changed to “Church of 711.”

The Regime’s first attack went along with a message posted to 711chan’s website (quoted below) saying that “This site has not been blessed by The Regime and is deemed lame”, believing Anonymous to be self-proclaimed hackers (although this title was primarily used by the media). It also refers to Anonymous’ attempt to bring down the Church of Scientology (named ‘Operation Chanology‘), saying that “chanology is lame, scientology is lame”. It thereafter declared that the message board where Anonymous had been discussing Operation Chanology had been removed. Minutes later, 711chan stopped responding to queries.

The legitimate administrators of 711chan regained control after only three minutes, but it took nearly six hours to restore the site with recent additions missing. However, The Regime took the site down again twelve hours later, claiming to have removed the backups and stating, “all your db are belong to us” (an allusion to the phrase “all your base are belong to us“).

A new video posted to YouTube by someone who claimed to be The Regime shows a logo and uses a computer animated voice to threaten and their affiliates. The Regime, however, denies making the video saying “we are in no way responsible for making, nor are we tied to that video in any way.”

The video declares, “Dear ‘Anonymous’. We are The Regime. Your attacks on Scientology have not gone unnoticed.” The video’s text description states that “Your attacks on Scientology have not gone unnoticed, we have the money, resources and tools to put an end to your SP behaviour and so called hacking activities. You have soiled the good name of LRH and now it is you that have *our* attention.”

You have soiled the good name of LRH and now it is you that have *our* attention.

The acronyms in the text description are Scientology jargonsuppressive person” (a person who criticizes Scientology) and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Both terms were also used recently in a leaked internal Church of Scientology video featuring Tom Cruise promoting his beliefs. The video goes on to state that “Anonymous” has been declared “Fair Game” (another Scientology term).

The title of The Regime video, “Re: Message to Scientology”, is a reference to the video “Message to Scientology”, which was posted by “Anonymous” to YouTube on Monday. The original “Message to Scientology” video has been viewed over 1,000,000 times since it was posted.

“We have your IP addresses, your documents and secret plans. We own your 711chan, your IRC, and we are taking care of your raid forums. Call off your attacks on our religion immediately, or 4chan YTMND, something awful and your other bases will be brought to ruin. Do not underestimate us. You are out of your league. You have been warned,” added the video.

In an exclusive interview with Wikinews, the group is only called The Regime. When asked what their mission was, they stated “we have none.”

Wikinews also asked who or what was in charge of their group and they replied, “At one point, this would have been a complicated question as there were many tiers and positions of authority, however now leadership is confined to a single council.” They are also not affiliated with any other group and act alone with “no contacts with groups or individuals outside of itself.” They also refused to describe their group as a whole. They also stated to “define affiliated” when Wikinews asked if they were part of the Church of Scientology.

Their motivations are still not clear. When asked what motivates their group to do what they do, they replied, “What motivates any human to do anything? Money, Power, Respect? Choose one,” but also state that they will continue their attacks “if necessary.”

Wikinews also asked if The Regime was in any way affiliated with the Church of Scientology, including working for or against their beliefs or being a ‘branch of The Church’ The Regime simply replied, “We are not Scientologists, this is all we have to say on the subject.”

Sources within the “Anonymous” group have played down the actions of The Regime who – when announced on the IRC channel the group utilizes for communications – were said to be “… a bunch of gloryhunters ridin [sic] on our tails”. Another user of the IRC channel, calling himself “Anonz”, was quoted as telling other members of the group “… It’s funny how they call us scriptbunnies yet use scripts themselves.” The general consensus was that “Anonymous is not impressed.”

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Healthy Dessert Recipes On A Slim Fast Diet Plan

By David John Lloyd

Counting calories is a lot of work and healthy desert recipes are something that every overweight person should look at to lose those extra pounds. To keep a healthy weight, you need to understand your daily calorie requirements and how various activities affect your energy needs. Then you can watch the calories you eat by checking food labels for calorie content, controlling portion sizes, and avoiding cooking methods that add calories.

You don’t need to eat weird combination’s of foods or special supplements to maintain your ideal weight and stay healthy. You just need to eat healthy desert recipes and the same number of calories that you use. If you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. If you eat too few, you Will not only lose weight, but possibly muscle mass, energy, and, in extreme cases, life itself.

* How Many Calories Do You Need for Healthy desert Recipes?

The number of calories each person needs is unique. No two people including identical twins are exactly alike. To determine how many calories you need, consider the following, your Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) your activity level, your age and to some extent your inherited body type.

YouTube Preview Image

Just as a parked car with an idling motor uses gas, so too, does a body at rest consume calories. All of the metabolic processes our bodies constantly perform require energy and the number of calories our bodies require to do all these tasks is called Resting Energy Expenditure (REE).

Once you have calculated your REE, figure out how many calories you burn during the day. By adding these to the REE, you Will know the total number of calories you need daily. Various healthy desert recipes were given to health eleven to fourteen year olds, who are “normally active” need about 1,000 calories over their REE. Girls in the same age group need about 900 calories to provide energy for normal activities. If you exercise vigorously or are involved in sports, you will need additional calories.

* Keeping an Eye on Calorie Intake.

Reading food labels will help you keep track of the number of calories you eat. By law, food labels must list the number of calories per serving as Well as the number of servings in the can or package. However, food label information is not standardized. Therefore, it is important to note what the serving size is.

Most nutritionists place foods into one of six categories:

l) carbohydrates from bread, cereal, rice, and pasta.

2) fruits. 3) vegetables. 4) dairy products. 5) proteins from meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. 6) fats, oils, and sweets.

Each category is assigned a single calorie value per serving. For instance, a serving of vegetables has 25 calories, while a serving of fruit has 60 calories. Dairy products and proteins are assigned ll0 calories per serving. Carbohydrates have 80 calories per serving. Fats, oils, and sweets are assigned 45 calories per serving.

When you eat a well-balanced meal at home, it is relatively easy to keep track of calories and healthy desert recipes, but when you eat out it’s more difficult. Eating at a fine restaurant or even a fast-food joint or pizza parlor on occasion is a treat that should not be denied. But making a daily habit of eating fast food or overeating at fine restaurants is a sure way of gaining unwanted weight.

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Sevilla signs Sirigu on loan from Paris SG

Monday, August 29, 2016

On Friday, French capital football club Paris Saint-Getmain announced they loaned Italian goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu to Spanish club Sevilla F.C. till the season end.

29-year-old Sirigu started his career in Italy and joined the Parisians five years ago, in 2011. After playing 60 Serie A matches from 2009 to 2011, Sirigu became the first-choice goalkeeper at PSG for four years, playing 145 matches.

In five seasons at Parc des Princes, Sirigu has won four consecutive Ligue 1 titles, three Trophée des Champions, three Coupe de la Ligue, and two Coupe de France. Sirigu has played seventeen international matches, debuting in 2010.

Last season, German goalkeeper Kevin Trapp joined PSG and became their first-choice keeper. Lacking playing time with PSG, Sirigu signed the contract with Sevilla on Friday, after passing the medical tests hours before.

Per the agreement between the clubs, PSG has not included an option for Sevilla to buy the player.

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CanadaVOTES: NDP candidate Hana Razga running in Edmonton—Leduc

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On October 14, 2008, Canadians will be heading to the polls for the federal election. New Democratic Party candidate Hana Razga is standing for election in the riding of Edmonton—Leduc. Born in London, England to Czechoslovakian parents, she immigrated to Canada in 1968, having a long career in human resources with the federal government. She is a volunteer for organizations including the Alberta Women’s Shelter, Big Sisters and Match International. She has previously run in campaigns three times provincially for the NDP, and once federally.

Wikinews contacted Hana Razga, to talk about the issues facing Canadians, and what they and their party would do to address them. Wikinews is in the process of contacting every candidate, in every riding across the country, no matter their political stripe. All interviews are conducted over e-mail, and interviews are published unedited, allowing candidates to impart their full message to our readers, uninterrupted.

Created in 2004, the riding consists of southwest Edmonton, the City of Leduc, the Town of Devon, and the surrounding area. Contesting Conservative incumbent James Rajotte are Razga, Valerie Kennedy (Green), and Donna Lynn Smith (Liberal).

For more information, visit the campaign’s official website, listed below.

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Outline Of Preparing For Cosmetic Surgery

By Adriana Noton

Most people who go in for some sort of cosmetic medical procedure will have a checklist of things to do in order to get ready. In preparing for cosmetic surgery, a basic set of guidelines should be followed so that things run generally smoothly. While getting this kind of thing done can be joyful and increase a person’s confidence, he/she also needs to treat it as a serious medical event.

All different kinds of work can be performed. Most people will want to focus on a particular body part, and then go from there. Tummy tucks and breast augmentations are popular, as is liposuction. Ultimately, a person is seeking to feel better about his/her body so that he/she can enjoy life more and be at ease during the daily routine.

One of the very basic preparatory aspects of cosmetic work is listening intently to what the acting surgeon has planned out and following any instructions as closely as possible. This usually involves getting plenty of rest the night before the appointment, and following a strict diet for several hours beforehand. The doctor is not trying to make life difficult but is rather following standard operating procedure.

YouTube Preview Image

One of the things that is not often thought about is how to put the house in order beforehand. Anyone who goes through one of these operations should make sure that there are simple meals and entertainment options to return home to. Most likely, the person will be confined to bed for a few days after and will need simple, soothing food choices and some good books and movies.

People will also need to give some thought as to how they will handle their work situation. They will inevitably miss at least a little time, and should make co-workers and bosses aware of this fact. Completing projects ahead of time and possibly trying to schedule the surgery for a period when the work load will be light is a good idea.

Support groups are vital to the overall psychology of these kinds of patients. They need not be overly extensive, but they should consist of at least some family members and close friends. These people can help with some of the physical care in the aftermath and also offer moral encouragement during the tough stretches. Running some errands and performing a few helpful tasks can go a long way.

Patients should be sure they understand what the overall recovery process will be like. They will be expected to take their medications at certain times of the day. They will also be expected to get plenty or rest and to limit physical activity that may lead to unwanted consequences and another trip to the clinic or hospital.

In preparing for cosmetic surgery people should be as aware as they can be about what the whole process entails. By relying on the advice of doctors and the encouragement of family and friends, they should come through successfully and happily. They can then continue on with their lives.

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The Raveonettes on love, death, desire and war

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

“We’re only two days in and we’re already fucking tired,” says Sune Rose Wagner to David Shankbone as he walks into the dressing room at the Bowery Ballroom. Wagner and Sharin Foo comprise the Raveonettes, a group made for “nostalgists who long for Everly Brothers 45’s and diner jukeboxes, the Raveonettes tweak “American Graffiti”-era rock with fuzzed-out surf-guitar riffs,” said The New York Times. They recently left Columbia and signed with Fierce Panda because they felt constrained by their Columbia contract: “The major label system sometimes doesn’t allow for outside “help” to get involved, meaning that we don’t get to choose who we wanna work with. That can be a pretty terrible thing and bad things will surely come of it,” said the band on their MySpace site. Originally from Denmark, both musicians live in the United States now.

Their first EP, Chain Gang of Love, was a critical and commercial success. “Few albums provoke such amazing imagery,” said the BBC. “Pretty in Black is virtually fuzz-free,” said Rolling Stone of their next album, “highlighting the exquisite detail in the Raveonettes’ gift for pastiche: the prowling, garage-surf guitars in Love in a Trashcan; the ghost dance of Red Tan, wrapped in Phil Spector-style sleigh bells.” Of their current album, Lust Lust Lust, set to be released on November 5th (although Amazon says March 4, 2008), Sune told NME that, “There are a lot of songs that deal with desire, restlessness and the tough choices you have to make sometimes.” Fans can hear some of the new material at

Below is Wikinews reporter David Shankbone’s interview with Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo.

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Annan invites Iraqis to exercise democratic rights

Saturday, January 29, 2005With just days to go before Sunday’s historic poll to choose a new government in Iraq, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has invited the people of Iraq to exercise their democratic rights.

The poll, the first free elections in a generation, faces disruption from insurgents who are totally opposed to democracy. Annan warned them not to interfere and promised continuing help from the UN for the country in the future.

Annan made his appeal in a pre-recorded message, broadcast on TV inside Iraq. “Elections are the best way to determine any country’s future; please exercise your democratic rights on Sunday,” he said. “Whatever your feelings about how the country reached this point, this election offers an opportunity to move away from violence and uncertainty toward peace and representative government.”

The UN has been providing advice and technical help to the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI), as well as $100m funding for the poll and co-ordination of international assistance. A team of 40 experts has overseen the delivery of three million tonnes of election materials and helped the IECI and Iraqi officials prepare and maintain the voters register.

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Factors That Affect Prices Of Moving Vans And Trucks}

Submitted by: Fraser Burns

From buying clothes, construction materials, movies, gadgets, cars and appliances, everybody is always looking for the best deal to save money. A budget moving truck is your answer for when you need to transfer within city limits, interstate and even international destination. But finding the right company can be difficult, particularly when there are a lot of removalists in Australia who are offering supposedly the cheapest, most efficient, safest and every hyperbole they can throw around just to attract customers. To be sure, the competition is stiff for the legitimate companies but scammers are also dipping their hands into the industry, which only complicated the problem. What are the factors that will impact on the pricing scheme?

The volume and weight of the goods

You should ask for quotation from a least three companies with moving vans and trucks. Then you compare the price difference either in kilo or pound. But weight is not the only consideration before making that big decision. Please remember that not every cheap package is the best one for you; in the same vein, not all expensive package means you get superior quality service. Sometimes, these movers will charge more dollars for each pound but when you get the breakdown of the services, you actually save money just on the number of inclusions.

YouTube Preview Image

Its a good idea to declutter even before the two men and a truck arrive in your home to load your belongings. Because the charge is based on weight, give away those things that you dont need so you can save money on the transport.

How far is the new home?

Another factor that will affect the pricing is the distance. You can request from the removalists for a quotation of how much it charges per mile. This is not included on the weight cost and is known as line-haul charge. Dont just take the word of the mover at face value when he makes the estimate for a budget moving truck. Make your own research using Google Map to see just how far you are travelling. You really have to compare the prices because some companies may charge more for weight and less or distance while others are doing exactly the opposite. Which option can save you the most money? Of course, if you are just transferring nearby, distance wont be much of a factor.

Add-on services

Be extra careful about any additional charges. Make sure you understand what they are there for and also you have the right to refuse these add-on service charges. With that said, when you hire moving vans and trucks, you should always anticipate shelling out more money for any service not foreseen during the initial negotiation. Thats apart from the 10% more that you are projected to pay over the original estimate.

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